Our Churches

Our churches, collectively called The Faxton Group of Churches are in two benefices:

  1. Arthingworth & Harrington with Oxendon & East Farndon
  2. Maidwell with Draughton & Lamport with Faxton

The churches are:

  1. St Andrew's Church Arthingworth
  2. St Catherine's Church Draughton
  3. St John the Baptist Church East Farndon
  4. St Peter and St Paul Church Harrington
  5. All Saints Church Lamport
  6. St Mary the Virgin Church Maidwell
  7. St Helen's Church Oxendon

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Faxton is an abandoned village and chapelry in the county of Northamptonshire.

The last villager left in 1960 after the demolition of the parish church of St Denis. There is now just one house standing on this remote hilltop location, overlooking the rolling farmland.

Archaeologists claim that the village dates back to approximately 1150 AD, although they did find a very small number of Roman artifacts. However, it is believed that the name Faxton comes from the Scandinavian Fakr and the Anglo-Saxon tun, meaning Fakr's Farm. This would indicate that Faxton grew from a Viking or Norse settler's farmstead and therefore would date from approximately the 9th century

The Domesday Book, naming Faxton as the Manor of Fextone, notes that the population was of approximately 60 to 80 people. The village is documented as having consisted of a church, a rectory, a hall, an aviary, almshouses and a number of ponds. Lady Danvers founded the parish's almshouses for four persons and, six years later, Jane Kemsey bequeathed £100 to it. By the 1950s, an aerial photograph shows approximately 25 dwellings.