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Anyone who is resident within our benefice is eligible to be baptised in our churches, and anyone living outside the benefice may be baptised here by arrangement.  

Baptisms are normally held within a Sunday morning service since our congregations wish to extend a warm welcome to the newly-baptised. However, in special circumstances baptisms can be arranged for a Sunday afternoon.

Baptism is not just for tiny babies - if you feel that this is the right time to become an official member of the Christian faith you can be baptised at any time of your life. 

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Thanksgiving Service

You may wish to ask about having a service of Thanksgiving for the Gift of a Child. In this service, you thank God for the gift of your child and the child is blessed. You do not make the same promises as in the Baptism service.

If you choose to have a Thanksgiving, you may also have a Baptism service for your child at a later date.